What Is A Concierge?

You may have an idea of what a concierge does for you at a hotel... 25th Hour describes concierge as a steward of productivity and hospitality @ work and @ home.  We can certainly locate and reserve that hotel for you, but 25th Hour also provides virtual administration and management, business consultation and brainstorming, watches your business and home while are you away, and so much more.  One of our most popular services is office and home repairs.

Why Use a Concierge

There are many reasons to work with a concierge @ work and @ home.


NO to overhead

NO to health insurance premiums

YES to building a positive workplace culture

YES to reducing employee stress, anxiety, and absenteeism

YES to increasing employee productivity and loyalty

YES to rewarding your employees

YES to a recruiting incentive

YES to differentiating your business to clients


Spend time with family and friends

Additional support system

Reduce stress

Peace of mind

Personal productivity


Focus on other projects

Take up a hobby

Explore the city


How to Use a Concierge

There are many ways to use a concierge @ work and @ home.  How?  Check out some ideas with a quick click on the @ work and @ home links below!

Next Steps...

How may 25th Hour Concierge @ serve you?