FORM ANXIETY...the people say IT IS REAL.

Filling out forms can be an overwhelming and daunting process, especially legal and healthcare related documentation.  Many people also struggle with completing tax forms, job applications, writing cover letters, resumes, research papers, website content, or anything related to words and numbers.

Form anxiety or formophobia is defined in the Urban Dictionary as, Read More

What We Can('t) Do

MOST IMPORTANT, WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. What does this mean? 25th Hour Concierge CAN NOT and WILL NOT provide legal advice.  Read our Document Assistance Services' Terms and Conditions Agreement.

We CAN and WILL assist with:

  1. Preparing forms and other documentation;
  2. Conducting research;
  3. Writing content (NOT LEGAL RELATED MATERIAL except as dictated); and
  4. Reviewing and editing existing materials.

How It Works

Not sure we can help?  Call or email us first to connect and discuss your needs.  Our policy is to be upfront about the services we can provide and the cost of these services.  There are no hidden fees or terms; and we WILL NOT try to upsell you.


  1. Call, text, or email for an initial consult to discuss questions, requirements, and pricing should you decide to move forward.
  2. Schedule a time meet, review our Document Assistance Services' Terms & Conditions Agreement, and pay agreed price.
  3. Complete services as agreed.


Before work starts, we (25th Hour & you) will discuss and agree upon exact services to be performed and the price to be paid (due upfront in most cases).


Call for pricing


$75 an hour

Cover Letters

Starts at $50

Financial Aid

Starts at $50


$75 an hour


Starts at $50


Starts at $50

Legal Forms

Starts at $50


Starts at $50


Starts at $50


Starts at $50


Starts at $50

What Else?

What did we miss?


  • Email Copy INCLUDED with paid service
  • Paper Copies (with paid service) - first printed black and white copies complimentary up to 50 pages / $.50 per single black and white page thereafter.  Color copies are $1 for each single page
  • Digital storage $5 per document or cap at $25 not to exceed 1,875 mb.
  • Convert paper to fillable pdf starts at $30
  • Trip fees start at $25 +  mileage
  • Filing and Mailing Services available
  • Pickup / Dropoff Services available

***We DO NOT currently offer Notary services.

Next Steps...

If you are ready, leave your form anxiety at our door.