Thank You For The Opportunity To Serve, August 2017!

hello and thank you!

Greetings and salutations readers. Here we are with August, 2017 already passed. Time flew by this month thanks to you. So THANK YOU Fort Wayne!

25th Hour Concierge @ had the pleasure to continue consulting with a variety of businesses from cultivating business model ideas to gathering and providing home repair and remodel estimates. We are also seeing repeat customers and getting referrals from super satisfied clients!

what else did we do?

Glad you asked! 25th Hour Concierge @ donned the general contractor/project manager hat. We arranged, met with, and collected estimates from sub contractors for residential installation of a 2.5 ton central air unit, installation of a privacy fence, electrical work, replaced missing / broken roof shingles, and resealed a chimney and vents. For each we provided continuity plans for continued peace of mind should issues arise.

A more unique request involvedĀ careful bat removal and proper release for a fraction of the cost. 25th Hour Concierge @ also went grocery shopping, school supply shopping, safely transported passengers, conducted research on personal matters, and finished up mail collection services.

in other news!

We received our first 5-star review!

















25th Hour Concierge @ thanks you for a brilliant second month!